Your community "Our priority"

Our team is composed of

Architects - Engineers - Lawyers and Economists
Willing to resolve any doubts arising himself and give the necessary support and community support. Available, adjustment expenses each year. Management of payments and collections, holding Meetings, control bills online

24 hours WhatsApp communications, including advice on unpaid installments, renovations, alterations, economic and technical monitoring of works, handicapped accessibility, construction deficiencies, energy efficiency, etc ....

Clear budgets
Just by the act in which annual budgets are contemplated, we can offer our clear budget, with full transparency and maximum savings for your community.

We work for your peace of mind is our best reward.
In Urbadelia We are a young team ready to work and get the peace of mind to our customers. The challenge we set ourselves every day, we continue to improve and investigate services and products that are most requested by our customers , so you can find them an offer that suits your needs .

Urbadelia, How can we help?                                                                                                                                                                 

Oficina Central Arenales del Sol
Avda. San Bartolomé de Tirajana, 24 Entlo
03195 Arenales del Sol

teléfono  966910692   Fax  966163355   Movil Whatsapp  618410321  Twitter  @UrbadeliaAF 

Dear Community, First of all thank you for the interest shown to manage and administer your community, developing skills Collecting Art. 20 of the Horizontal Property Act


 PROXIMITY The office is open in the afternoon, thus, able to serve customers who want to contact us personally and find it difficult to do in the mornings, but please make an appointment in order to avoid unnecessary delays, if our staff out to visit a community. We conduct periodic visits to the community, to efficiently control the various trades working on it (Cleaning Equipment Lift, Pressure Equipment ....). We establish continuous contact with the president, establishing a channel of dialogue that ensures the proper functioning of the community. We implemented a real-time notification of incident control, for which he proceeds to send messages to mobile arrival time Repairer (locksmith, electrician, plumber, antenista, etc.). We have a portfolio of highly skilled trades, to give emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Switchboard / Fax: 966 910 692 - Mobile / WhatsApp: 618 410 321 - - Avda San Bartolomé, 24, Entlo.. 03195 ARENALES DEL SOL - Elche [Alicante] Page 3 of 6 ® Communication with the office, following the philosophy of approach with our customers, and the cost savings of these, you can also perform through our website and WhatsApp (Creation Community Group itself). Looking for maximum transparency in our exercise, have 24 hour access to their community through the website, where you can view all documents in your community, using a key. (In process) MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL In constant collaboration with the office we have LAWYER, ARCHITECT, ENGINEER and ECONOMIST besides their administrative staff, covering all possible incidents that may occur to an owners.

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